7 photo ideas for the first year of your child’s life

Once your child is born the months fly by. Every month your precious baby grows at a rapid pace, slowly resembling mom and dad. Unfortunately, this means parents have only a short period of time to enjoy each phase of growth. Luckily we have some tips and ideas for you to creatively capture the first year of your baby’s life through photography. After the first year, it is hard to believe that the baby in your first photo is the same as your last.

#1 From belly to birth

This idea is particularly well suited to capture the growth of the baby. Choose an outfit that is loose and one that you can wear during and after pregnancy, for example, a dress. At the beginning of each month, take a photo on a consistent background for better comparability. This simple idea helps you compare how much your baby has grown inside your tummy.


#2 Numbers

Lay your baby on a neutral background, this could be your favourite baby blanket or duvet, next to the baby lay the baby’s age recorded in months. This is a great idea that is particularly popular on Instagram with many moms and dads. You can get creative here by using dried flowers from which you make the number, or use a big clock with the hands pointing exactly to the number that corresponds to your baby’s age. These types of pictures can be particularly beautiful to look back on.

#3 A lightbox

A lightbox is particularly useful when you want to capture more information, for example, the weight and the size. You can also record more memorable moments, such as their first word. If your baby can sit it makes it easier to shoot amazing photos using the lightbox. This helps to highlight how much your baby has grown and developed.

#4 Spring, summer, autumn, winter

This is also a great photo idea which is particularly easy to complete as it requires only four photos, one per season. Each season dress your baby in a season-related outfit or get creative by creating unique costumes. In summer, for example, you can prepare your baby a healthy and baby-friendly ice cream that they can then enjoy for the photo. You could also make a beautiful Christmas picture of your newborn dressed up like a present under the Christmas tree.

#5 Baby evolution

Everyone knows the picture of human evolution, this image shows at first glance how our species has evolved from the bowed monkey to the upright homo sapiens of today. This idea is also great for kids. So you can watch your newborn progress from wriggling on the floor to crawling, to eventually taking their first steps.

#6 Before and After

Even during pregnancy many women diligently take photos of the growth of their baby bumps. Often you can not really tell how big the baby is from the size of the tummy. For example, you could use a fruit or vegetable for the photo that matches the baby’s current size. Here are some examples:

7 weeks: raspberry

12 weeks: passion fruit

16 weeks: avocado

23 weeks: eggplant

31 weeks: coconut

36 weeks: lettuce

39 weeks: watermelon

For the final picture, your little newborn is next to you. Tip: you can continue this photoshoot by photographing the baby with the same fruit/vegetable in the weeks following birth; So for example, you could use a passion fruit when the baby is twelve weeks old and compare it to the photo. This is a really fun idea.

# 7 Hands up!

Little hands and feet are probably the sweetest part of every newborn. This is why many parents want to capture them while they’re so tiny. However, sometimes it can be difficult to photograph how small hands and feet really are. For this photo to succeed: put the baby’s hand in yours and take a picture of it. As a result, you have a direct comparison and see how the child’s hand is getting bigger as the years go on.

What about after the first year?

Many of these photo ideas can be continued after the first year, it is also possible to do this with the whole family. It is always nice to do the same photo series with all the children, then you have a direct comparison and beautiful, consistent images. It is important not to forget to take pictures with the whole family, after all, children are not the only ones who are getting older and changing.

Last Tip: If you find it difficult to pose and hold the children while jumping back to the camera, some help is always an extra bonus. The grandparents or even your babysitter can be a great help. If the kids are comfortable with the person you will get the best smile for your photos!

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