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bumps & babies PHOTOGRAPHY

Most soon-to-be mothers I speak to are either absolutely gung-ho about their maternity pictures or they’re a little apprehensive about the idea. On one hand, this is a monumental moment!

You’re with child, you’re radiant, you’re excited and your life is seriously about to change.

On the other, you’re a little uncomfortable with your changing body and the thought of standing in front of a camera seriously freaks you out.

I’m here to tell you that there’s nothing to be nervous about. Your maternity pictures are photographs that you will cherish forever and ever.

They’re pictures that yours friends and family will absolutely adore; pictures that your child and your child’s child will look at in the future and think, “Wow!” Trust me!

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bumps and babies photography cork
bumps and babies photography

Capturing them early Day’s

I take a very natural approach to all my newborn photos. I tend to work with a minimal amount of props love to incorporate both mom and dad into some of the pictures, as well. If you have other children who are game for pictures, we’ll certainly include them in this newborn picture party, too.

Babies, Infant and the first birthday photos. I can advise you on the best time, clothing and props to bring with you to the studio or if you want to stay at home or go on location it’s all possible.

Don’t miss the opportunity you have to capture and have photograph’s of you child’s early day’s Children’s photography sessions are always a good time.

I love bringing out a child’s personality — no matter how young he or shy might be.


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