Donna and Ronan’s Wedding Day ……The Big Day arrived bright and sunny, I think the Child of Prague worked, as it was a wet week in the build up to the Wedding . The day start early at Top Style Hair Studio where I met up with the girls who where all excited about the day ahead….. well I wish I could say the same about the boys when I met them for breakfast , all chilled out, getting the car ready and practicing the dancing for the evening ahead. With everybody ready and Donna looking stunning in her fabulous dress from Cinderella’s Closet it was off to Queen of Peace Church where Fr P.j. performed the ceremony. With the nuptials over and the weather holding up we went to the town park to grab some photos of the bridal party before heading on to the Radisson Hotel at little island cork for the celebration. The mouth watering cake was created by Sugarushe and the reception room was laid out with the Manchester Utd themed table cards. The Hotel is just fabulous and is a fantastic wedding venue. The Pearly Whites  entertained the guests f0llowed by D.j. Ian which went on late in to the night.  Best wishes to Donna and Ronan and thank you again for having me capture you special moments on your Wedding Day.

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