Elisa and Stephen’s   special day was just that. Organised being the “word”. I could tell by Elisa it would be. All the details Elisa and Stephen with both there families went to make this day.  I have known both families a long time. Myself and Benny, Elisa’s dad worked as chefs in the Local Hotel, well he was the chef I was the commis. Arriving at Elisa’s with a big welcome the girls where getting the hair done by Sharon Hyland  Sharon’s Hair Design Castlelyons . All in jubilant mood and a lot of french been spoken as Elisa’s godfather came all the way from France. Off to St Patrick’s Church Fermoy with a small detour on the way. Father P.j. was waiting to greet Elisa and the bridal party,  Elisa’s Sister Francesca (maid of honour) and both niece’s Roslyn and Kathlyn looked fabulous. Father P.j. always makes the ceremony a joy and with the formalities over it was off to grab some photos at the local GAA grounds where Elisa plays on the Fermoy Ladies football team .Well to say Elisa scored on her wedding day !!! The day was starting to get a bit wild and windy so it was back to the comfort of the Hotel  The Fir Grove Hotel Mitchelstown  where the guest where waiting to welcome the Happy couple. Having spent many a year in catering and when I saw the wedding cake …such a handcrafted creation by Cake’s by Geeya “WOW” a side each.  The celebrations continued in to the night with great music from Deuces Wild.  “What a great day and a great couple “.

Elisa and Stephen … all the best for the future and a long life together…..

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