Jenny & DJ  are from the local parish of Glanworth, Jenny’s mum is the daughter of Dick Stretch who was Fermoy’s Photographer when I was going to school, where I would looking forward to seeing his wedding photos every monday after school, never thinking I would someday shoot his granddaughter’s wedding. The day was one of those day where the weather would not make its mind up. Arriving at Glanworth I visited the grooms house first to get does few shots of the mayhem , well no mayhem only a big welcome. The guy’s where getting ready with a little help from the girl’s. That all done it was down the road to see how things where going at Jenny’s house where they where just waiting for the moment ( to organized ) great buzz about the house and when the moment did come it was go. The weather stayed fine and the day went well with a visit to DJ’s grandfather at a great age of 93 he toasted the bride and groom with a drop of the hard stuff. We then set off to Clonmel to the Hotel Minella where we got a few photos in before the heavens opened, so we finished up inside before the bell call for the wedding dinner.  It was pleasure to have had the opportunity  to shoot  Jenny & DJ  Big Day .


jenny & d.j



jenny & dj 3




jenny & dj 4

jenny & dj 5








jenny & dj 6


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